GEA Farm Technologies

GEA Farm Technologies Houle


Barn Cleaners and Cow Stalls


Barn Equipment

  • Free Stalls
  • Tie Stalls
  • Pens and Mini-Pens
  • Feed-Through Fronts
  • Gates
  • Accessories

Free Stalls Cleaner Systems

  • Free Stall Cleaner with Cable
  • Free Stall Cleaner with Chain
  • Hydraulic

Underground Manure Pumps

  • Magnum
  • Futuro
  • Electromix System
  • Power Unit
  • Evacuation Line

Electric Pumps

  • 3″ Hog Manure
  • 3″ High Pressure
  • 4″ Hog Manure
  • 4″ Dairy Liquid

Vertical Pumps

  • Agi-Pompe Vertical
  • Super Pump
  • Loading Pip

Articulated Pumps

  • Agi-Pompe
  • Super Pump
  • Loading Pipe

Lagoon Pumps

  • Agi-Pompe Lagoon
  • Super Pump Lagoon
  • Loading Pipe Lagoon


  • 3 Point Hitch

Liquid Manure Spreaders

  • EL48 Directional
  • EL66
  • Truck Mount
  • EL54
  • EL84

Tool Bars

  • 38-Foot
  • with Flex Drop Hoses
  • with Disc Cultivators
  • with Sweep Injectors
  • Manure Distributor
  • with Deflectors
  • with S-Tine Cultivators
  • with Discs Incorporators
  • Folding Ends Options
  • with Hydraulic Discs

Manure Separators

  • Overview of the Systems
  • 2 Roller Press 72″ Long
  • Liquid Level Regulator
  • Plumbin Schematic and Dimensions
  • 5 Roller Press 72″ Long
  • Liquid Manure Dewaterer
  • Plumbing Schematic and Dimensions

Valmetal Inc.

Processing and Distributing Equipment

Silo Unloaders

  • 880-SK
  • 2000 Model
  • Grain-O-Matic
  • Hanson Radial
  • Hanson Twintrac
  • Hanson Positrac

Belt Conveyors

  • 14″ 18″ 24″ Models
  • CB-1800
  • Belt Feeder
  • Belt Handler

Chain Conveyors

  • 11.5″ Model
  • 962 Model
  • Chain Bale Handler


  • Vertical Mixer
  • Agrimixer
  • Rotary Mixer
  • Tumbler Mixer
  • 4 Auger Mixer
  • Batch Mixer
  • Minerals Mixer

Motorized Feed Carts

  • TMR Express
  • Round Bale
  • Hydraucart
  • Supercard

Bedding Choppers

  • Agri Chopper
  • Bedding Chopper
  • Slicer
  • Bale Processor 6616

Roller Mills Hammermills

  • Roller Mills
  • Hammer Mills
  • Silage Mill


Canarm Agricultural Products
and BSM Agri

Livestock Stabling & Equipment

Tie Stalls

  • Versatile rectangular or channel posts have easy adjustable headrails.
  • Stall is higher for increased cow comfort.
  • Designed to make the cow ́s environment much cleaner and drier.
  • Has a partition style that provides space at the front and sides for cows to lunge forward when rising.
  • Hot dipped galvanized for extreme longevity.
  • Complete with 3” heavy duty post and bolt-on 2 3/8” divide for increased durability.
  • Available in round post, rectangular post and rectangular channel post styles.

Free Stalls

  • Excellent front and side lunge
  • Available in 3 lengths
  • Hot dipped galvanized or Gatorshield options
  • Very cow friendly


  • Exclusive clamp-on ends with option of trimming gate to exact size required on site.
  • Various lengths available.
  • Heavy-duty construction ensures years of trouble free service.
  • Hot dipped galvanized for increased durability.

Feed Fronts

  • Easy to operate
  • Quiet operation
  • Available in 8’, 10’ or 12’
  • Galvanized
  • Easy to lock individual cows

Comfy Calf Suites

  • No more feeding calves outside. Comfy Calf Suites makes feeding easier for you.
  • Calves are easier to see in the Comfy Calf Suites compared to enclosed shelters.
  • Better air quality improves the health of your calves.
  • Plastic dividers isolate each calf, keeping your calves healthy.
  • Dividers remove quickly and easily when required. Cleaning is simple and removal of dividers makes group penning an option as your calves mature.
  • Available in various sizes and with various options to suit your requirements.

Water Troughs

  • Tip the trough to keep your cows water supply clean.
  • Protect your equipment investment by choosing our high quality, durable heavy gauge troughs.
  • You can choose galvanized steel (in 4′, 6′ and 8′ sizes) or 6′ stainless steel troughs. If you need a tip trough of another size, contact us and we will make a tip trough to fit your barn.
  • Hi-flo float system which refills whenever the float drops. Our float system has a steel guard that stops cows from playing with the float mechanism.

Legend Rubber Inc.

Legend Super Bed

  • Incredible even/consistent comfort level
  • Dual layered all rubber for durability
  • Molded edge ribs to prevent ingress of bedding
  • Will not pack like sand and crumb filled beds
  • Simple and fast to install
  • No liquids to freeze and leak

Legend Soft Bed

  • No thin top cover to break down and tear
  • Specialized urethane foam underlay which does not pack over time like crumb filled beds
  • Fully molded and reinforced top mat for stability and added hygiene
  • Simple and fast installation

Legend Duralay Roll Bed

  • Heavy duty reinforced 3/8” thick mat for durability
  • The Duralay Roll Bed is a dual layered all rubber continuous bed system.
  • Unique air cushion offers outstanding cow comfort that will not pack over time
  • Hygienic – will not absorb liquid or hold bacteria like recycled rubber beds and mattresses
  • Stable, consistent softness, no bottoming out on impact like liquid filled beds
  • Raised surface pattern to keep moisture away from cows skin and give excellent traction

Legend Universal Bed

  • Tie stalls or free stalls
  • Robust all rubber bed
  • Unique air cushion for comfort
  • Simple – quick installation
  • Rear third of mat slopes to keep mat clean & dry
  • The most versatile bed on the market
  • The perfect solution for floor mounted dividers and posts

Legend Roll Mat

  • Continuous – Seamless
  • Easy to clean
  • Reinforced inlay prevents stretching
  • Hammer top/ribbed base giving excellent traction
  • Can be used in many areas such as beds, alleys and parlors, etc.

Legend Interlock

  • Safe & Secure
  • Studded base for softness creating a more natural feel
  • Universal interlock to create seamless finish
  • Fibre reinforced rubber for strength & stability
  • Offers excellent traction
  • Helps prevent lameness and injury
  • Improves cow traffic in and around the barn
  • Custom cut to your needs

Legend Parlor Tiles

  • Safe
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Easy to wash and clean – no holes to trap dirt
  • Interlocks together to create a safe, seamless floor
  • Available in six colours : Blue/White, Green/Orange, Black/Red, Light Grey/Yellow

Ritchie Industries

Water Fountains



  • Install using the same concrete pad and drain-out configurations as the CattleMaster 48, 84 or 144
  • New, easy access dome cover
  • Unique patented water seal technology keeps cold air away from valve
  • Electric heat standard; attached directly under the trough for maximum performance


  • Solid polyurethane foam insulation keeps water ice-free longer in winter, cooler in summer
  • Easy Access to all service areas
  • Unique patented water seal keeps cold air away from valve
  • Quick refill valve allows a lower storage volume for fresher water
  • Built in anchor pockets and overflow


  • Designed with energy efficiency in mind. The stainless steel trough is surrounded by extremely durable and fully insulated poly.
  • I Patented plastic drink well helps insulate water and keep thermal cap in place
  • I Flip-top cover for easy cleaning
  • I Floating thermal caps and patented plastic drink wells minimize heat loss in winter, keeps water cool and reduces algae growth in summer

Thrifty King

  • Elliptical closures tip easily so animals can drink without resistance, unlike round balls which take a great deal of pressure
  • Easy access for easy maintenance
  • Unique patented water seal keeps cold air away from valve
  • Solid foam insulation completely sealed in impact resistant polyethylene

Stall Fount Series

  • Unit is 304 stainless steel for long life
  • Stall Fount features smooth, rounded edges for the horse’s safety
  • Easy to keep clean—water cleans trough surface as it swirls out

3, 5 & Combination Fountains

  • Heavy-duty steel construction with powder coated finish
  • I Trough and frame are 304 stainless for durability and long life
  • I Electric heat with adjustable thermostat (gas heat optional)
  • I Cable heater provides extra valve and supply line protection
  • I Electric heating elements attached directly under trough for efficiency


  • Easy to maintain
  • I Large access panel
  • I Heating elements directly under stainless steel trough for exceptional performance
  • I Cable heater provides extra valve and supply line protection


  • No gaskets to crack, tear or leak
  • Ritchie’s proven valve for quick refill
  • One piece rugged fountain body
  • Generous side access panel


ESM Farm Equipment Ltd.

Conveyor and Taper Board Feeder

  • Simple installation
  • #55 or #62 Steel Detachable Chain
  • Adjustable Slip Clutch
  • Cast Sprockets
  • Greasable Bearings
  • Painted exterior surface
  • Conveyor available up to 130ft long
  • Feeder available up to 150ft long

Stationary Spiro Mixers

  • Auger trough and tub bottom are 10 and 7 gauge stainless steel
  • End walls are lined below bearing mounts with 14 gauge stainless steel
  • All mixers come with designated electric motor.

Patz Farm Equipment

Barn Cleaners & Silo Unloaders

Patz Industrial Line

Patz is known worldwide for manufacturing rugged and dependable equipment for over 65 years.

Company founder Paul Patz developed products that were originally designed to withstand the daily demands of dairy farming, but Patz’s strong designs and durable construction have made Patz equipment suitable for commercial/industrial use as well.

For more on info on the Patz Industrial Line, check out

Patz Agricultural Line

  • Bale & Bed Choppers
  • Conveyors & Feeders
  • Manure Handling Equipment
  • TMR Vertical Mixers
  • Silo Unloaders


Rovibec Logo

Rovibec Agrisolutions

Automated Herd Feeding Systems


Automated Herd Feeding Systems

  • TMR automated silage and concentrate mixer feeder – DEC DP
  • Roboticized feeder – DEC SR
  • Automated mineral and concentrate distributor – ROV 4000
  • Hay processor for round and square bales dry or damp hay – PF600
  • Angular blade TMR Mixer stationary or mobile – Series MX
  • Motorized feeding cart – Rovicar & CarGo

  • TMR Vertical screw mixer stationary or mobile – series MRV

  • Motorized TMR mixer – Supermix